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Book Spotlight: Abstraction

The Parker Grey Series

Ah, Parker Grey. My first book-child. A smart, sassy, morally-flexible teenage girl. Is there any other kind?

This book was dedicated to my mom, so it seemed fitting that we do a spotlight for Parker on my mom's birthday.

That's right! She's 29. Or 39. Which would make me 21. Or 11. I'll never tell ;)

Being the first book I published, Parker's character is the most like me. At least, the me in high school. I was in Key Club, the Trial by Peers program (yes it's real, though as far as I've found only exists in Nevada), and I even did yoga and martial arts.

The glaring difference would be that I was not, and am still not, a cat burglar.

(I swear Mom, I'm a good girl, see my halo?)

Parker was a labor of love, and the toughest to let out into the world. But as all children, eventually they have to venture out on their own to see what the world has in store for them.

The Parker Grey series currently has seven books, with number eight set for a December release. What has been your favorite Parker adventure so far?

In case you missed it: I did a character spotlight on Parker Grey with some fun tidbits, including the men of Parker Grey. Find it by clicking here.

Need to catch up? Grab your copy of Abstraction on kindle, kindle unlimited, or paperback!


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