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In the Works: July Update

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Oh, July. Wherefore hast thou gone, July?

Last month passed in a flash. The blog had its first (two) author spotlights, where fellow indie authors were interviewed about their latest novels. I've been keeping busy doing some construction work by day and writing by night. Yes, you heard that right. I have soreness and muscles where there has not been soreness and muscles for a long time.

By the Light of the Moon is in its final stages before editing, and is slotted to release in October. Want to find out more about that one? Click here.

I also returned to Cove Point to hang out with Parker and the gang (last Friday I posted a special sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram!) for her next release: Grownup, scheduled for December.

In my spare time <insert maniacal laughter here> I've been working on a super secret project that I swore a blood oath to remain super secret. I'll eat the paper if I have to.

Keep reading and I might change my mind.

I've been picking wild raspberries in my yard. Yum.

I did some watercolor painting for relaxation. Yay.

Okay, okay. You waited me out. I'll spill. The super secret project is *drum roll please*

...An epic, alternate-history fantasy adventure!

Basically, what that means is it's a book set in this world as if all these supernatural creatures arrived en masse a hundred years ago. There will be vampires and witches and sidhe, oh my! Not to mention dark elves, werewolves, fae, orcs, and dragons.

Intrigued, aren't you? The story follows Morrigan, a puny human, as she embarks on a dangerous quest to free her mom from jail. She is joined by five friends as they search for the hidden pieces of a talisman that will ultimately lead them to the location of a dragon (the only creatures banned from Earth).

The working title is Dragon Hunter: A Morrigan Cross Chronicle.

A Chronicle, you say? That's right--I plan on this being a four-book series.

Now that I've broken my blood oath, it's back to the salt mines for me. I hope that's not literally. Mines freak me out ;)


What are you in the mood for?

Happy Reading!


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