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"I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Very different from most, with some parallels to myth that I enjoy. It's family that I really could see with all the ups and downs. 5 stars for keeping me glued , unable to stop reading."

-Goodreads Review Excerpt of Allure of Home

"I enjoyed Jade and Talon's story and would read more books in the series. I like how the story included members of Jade's family and a sweet relationship with her grandmother. I also enjoyed getting to know Talon's history through the story. It was an easy read with a nice mix of fun family relationships, some paranormal/fantasy, and romance."

-Goodreads Review Excerpt of Allure of Home

"Jade is a good person, with a lovely family. This author makes you care about her & her family. I enjoyed this book. The romance isn't raunchy or in your face. You know, sometimes it's nice to go slow & easy."

-Goodreads Review Excerpt of Allure of Home

"Talon kept me up all night!"

-Goodreads Review Excerpt of Allure of Home

"I wish I had dreams about a man like Tristan! Reya is so smart and driven, until her life gets turned upside down by finding out she's pregnant- with no possible father! I liked how we got a lot of Reya's backstory, and how awesomely powerful she is."

-Goodreads Review Excerpt of Immaculate

"She meets Hugh in her trunk and instantly feels the connection, helping him against all logic. (Not sure I would do the same with a strange, injured man hiding in my car- but if he looked like Hugh, maybe I would?) Kate has more amazing powers- I love how, as a human, she saves three Elementals! We also got to catch up more with Jade and Talon, Reya and Tristan, and Reese and Dominic. Plus, some new bada** bad guys. Can't wait for the next in this series- is it March yet??"

-Goodreads Review Excerpt of Stowaway

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