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Cover Reveal: Firestarter; A Parker Grey Novel

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Here it is, the cover for the long-awaited Parker Grey novel -

Now available for pre-order, releasing on January 14, 2020.

Parker Grey: high school student by day, thief by night. When it comes to choosing love, she’d rather scale a building.

When a seemingly innocent walk turns into a murder investigation, Parker and her team push the boundaries of the law, and their comfort zone, to hunt down a young woman's killer.

Though inconvenient, her parents' request that Parker have a constant babysitter may be more than simple paranoia.  Everywhere she goes, Parker has the uneasy feeling of being watched.  Is this the work of a sinister sociopath, or something far more dangerous?

Join Parker for her first-ever murder mystery, plus get special insight into the mind of Elliot in a special bonus chapter from the man himself.

This is the seventh book in The Parker Grey Series.

Pre-order here:

Happy Reading!



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