They are creatures of the night, searching for their one true mate...

This is a paranormal romance series suitable for ages 18+


The Gifted Series



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Allure of Home kindle cover.jpg
Allure of Home: Book One of The Gifted Series

4.5-Star average review on Goodreads!

At just eighteen, Jade escaped small town life and found success as a photographer. When her grandmother is placed in a nursing home, Jade returns to find absolutely nothing has changed--unless she counts the dark and mysterious new resident.

Talon’s secrets have the potential to forever change Jade’s life. He’s been searching for his other half for more years than he cares to count and recognizes the instant he finds her. Every fiber of his being knows they are meant to be together--what he doesn’t expect is Jade’s absolute denial.

On their first encounter, Jade faints. On their second, she dumps iced tea in his lap. Talon’s patience is tested as he needs to convince his temperamental mate of their destiny. Jade discovers just how difficult it can be to ignore the Allure of Home.

This is the first book of The Gifted Series.

immaculate kindle cover.jpg
Immaculate: Book Two of The Gifted Series

4.67-Star average review on Goodreads!

With no family to speak of, Reya Tane grew up a loner, dedicated to her studies. And now, after realizing her life-long dream of becoming a doctor, she makes a startling discovery: she's pregnant.

Having a baby is a joyous occasion, but there's just one problem: Reya is a virgin.

In order to understand her future, Reya must first uncover her past. Her only clue to her parents lies in Australia, but when she is waylaid en route, she may just unlock the key to her destiny.

This is the second book in The Gifted Series.

night shift kindle cover new 1.jpg
Night Shift: Book Three of The Gifted Series

5-Star average review on Goodreads!

Reese Valentine is an author who moves to a small town in Minnesota in order to research her newest novel. Delving into the dark world of the supernatural, she decides to take a job working the night shift. In doing so, she discovers that, perhaps, not all myths are fiction.

Dominic Drake is the perfect hero for Reese's story; dark, mysterious, and perfectly frustrating. When these two clash, sparks fly- and not just in the figurative sense.

Set on a path with no return, Reese must make the ultimate decision. Only she has the power to save him, if she doesn't strangle Dominic herself first.

This is the third book in The Gifted Series.

stowaway kindle cover new.jpg
Stowaway: Book Four of The Gifted Series

5-Star average review on Goodreads!

Kate Stryder leaves her life behind for a new start in sunny California. As she starts off on her cross-country trek, little does Kate know she’s hauling some extra luggage.

Hugh Duncan is tall, dark- and tortured. When Kate discovers the mysterious man that has taken refuge in her trunk, she makes the decision to help him, even when all logic dictates otherwise.

With no memory of his past, all Hugh knows is that Kate is his future; in her decision to help him, Kate discovers the key to unlocking her destiny.

Stowaway is the fourth book of The Gifted Series 

Reservation kindle cover.jpg
Reservation: Book Five of The Gifted Series

For over a century Lani wandered the earth, fighting the vile creatures of her kind. With no memory of her family or her past, Lani’s life became an endless cycle of fighting to survive. A chance run-in with Jade and Talon- the first of her kind that didn't reek of depravity- gives her the first glimmer of hope in all her long years on the earth. 

When she travels to the New Mexico desert in search of others like her, the last thing she expects to find is her mate. Though Lani fights against the primal connection, Samson is nothing if not persistent. Even when a great evil is unleashed and the entire reservation is under attack, Samson is determined to overcome Lani’s innate fear of relationships and remind her of the beauty in life.

Reservation is the fifth book in the Gifted Series.

Shadowed Soul kindle cover.jpg
Shadowed Soul: Book Six of The Gifted Series


Arie has nothing more to live for. Her brother dead, her blood tainted, she wandered the earth for one reason, and one reason alone: to eradicate the evil force known as shadowmen.

Emerson has been hunting the evil one responsible for his parent’s deaths. When the trail leads him to a chance encounter with the other half of his soul, the last thing he expects is to be held hostage and accused of being the very creature he loathes.

His new mission is to convince his wary mate that they belong together, but he soon finds the only way to do that may be the old adage…

If you love them, set them free.

This is the sixth book of The Gifted Series.

vows at dusk kindle cover.jpg
Vows at Dusk: A Reunion: Book Seven of The Gifted Series

Jade has invited all Elementals to her small Wisconsin town. Gifted, Elementals, and daemons alike gather together to celebrate and strategize. Not only will she finally be marrying her one true love, but Jade knows the only way to survive the coming threat is to band together.

Love may rule the day, but terror conquers the night.

Balor rules the daemons with an iron fist. After suffering a major blow on the Mescalero reservation, the daemons have retreated to Murias, but their false sense of security won’t last long. The Elementals elect a leader and put together a group to find an entrance to the otherworld and infiltrate the daemon city.  

Mates come together; families are reunited; secrets are revealed.

Vows at Dusk is book seven of the Gifted Series and includes a special bonus novella, After Dusk.

dark omens kindle cover.jpg
Dark Omens: Book Eight of The Gifted Series

Drawn to the Cliffs of Moher, Nadia spends her sleepless nights endlessly walking the steep, rocky crags, knowing that when she closes her eyes she will see the winged shadows that haunt her dreams. For six months she’s been safe in Ireland, working at a cozy inn in a quaint village free from memories of her bleak past. Until a group from America arrives, and the dark shadows find Nadia once again.

They search for the one who can walk between the worlds.

Jared travels to Ireland with a group ready and willing to infiltrate Murias, the daemon city in the otherworld. When fate places him directly in his mate’s path, he finds that wooing a woman is more difficult than finding an entrance to a mythical land.

Though willing to do anything to keep Nadia safe, even incurring her wrath, Jared must realize the only way forward, is together.

Dark Omens is the eighth book of The Gifted Series.

By the Light of the Moon kindle
By the Light of the Moon: Book Nine of The Gifted Series


Broke and on the run, Abiah finds solace working as a housekeeper in a dark and mysterious castle. The only thing she knows about the reclusive owner apart from his gruff interview skills is that the people of the town call him El Diablo; the Devil.


Galvyn recognizes Abiah for what she is—a rumored Gifted, a human with latent abilities able to be converted to an Elemental. Even knowing she must have a mate, Galvyn finds it impossible to send her away.


When their pasts entwine, Abiah and Galvyn must face their history together…even if it means surrendering their future.

By the Light of the Moon is the ninth book of The Gifted Series.

seeking redemption kindle cover.jpg
Seeking Redemption: Book Ten of The Gifted Series


Finally free from her dark past, Anya decides to open a store where she can sell things that bring people joy.  There’s just one thing missing; her mate, watching from the shadows and refusing to be by her side.

Ashamed of his past, Gerhard knows Anya deserves better.  He stays away in order to give her time to come to this realization on her own, but fate is a relentless force.


Patience is key for Anya as she waits for her mate to realize avoiding their connection is futile.  A chance encounter with evil men finally forces Gerhard’s hand.  Now, they must face their pasts together so that they can have a chance at a future.


After a century in captivity and darkness still invading her mind, body, and soul, Edith continues to resist the pull she feels toward Jace.  But when she’s given a new lease on life, her excuses come to an end.

Jace is the epitome of kind, thoughtful, and understanding.  He has waited a lifetime to meet his mate, and he is willing to wait another lifetime for her to be ready to accept their relationship.

Together, they dive into the unknown and only together will they come out the other side.


Seeking Redemption is the tenth book of The Gifted Series.

shelter of smoke kindle cover.jpg
Shelter of Smoke: Book Eleven of The Gifted Series


Available October 19, 2021!

For the last six months, Taya has been on the run—from an evil man, from her dark past, and from her own secrets. When her car breaks down outside the small town of Sun Valley, Taya must come to terms with all three before she can truly begin living.

Grey arrived in Sun Valley for a wedding, only to stay after discovering long-lost family. As the only mechanic in town, meeting Taya is inevitable—but earning her trust is another matter entirely.


Together, they must face one of the biggest threats the Elementals have ever encountered. For only when this evil is vanquished can Taya stop looking over her shoulder and start looking forward.


Shelter of Smoke is the eleventh book of The Gifted Series.

tangled threads kindle cover coming soon.jpg
Tangled Threads: Book Twelve of The Gifted Series



Available December, 2021!