The Mirror Trilogy

A dedicated cop, an elusive criminal--and the man caught between the two...

This is a crime/police procedural romance suitable for ages 18+

Reviews for The Mirror Trilogy

"I normally don't do police procedural-type books, but after reading Ana Ban's other books I gave these a try as well. So glad I did! Mia is an interesting character with a heartbreaking background. Donovan is a dark, sexy and mysterious man she's supposed to hate but finds herself falling for. We're left with two different cliff hangers at the end- must read next book!"

-Goodreads Review of Infiltration

"Oh man, I didn't see that coming! Mia and Donovan certainly heat things up in this book, and I think we all fell in love with him right along with her! We get Selena's story along with Mia's, and even though I wanted to hate her I really can't. Ah! Cliff hanger! Where's #3??"

-Goodreads Review of Split

"Wow, wow, wow! So many twists and turns, and I definitely didn't see the truth about Donovan coming! Loved these books, just wish there were more!"

-Goodreads Review of Wakening

Mirror Trilogy News

The Mirror Trilogy is "Under Construction"

The trilogy is being reworked, spit-shined, and combined for a full-length novel available soon!  Check out the working cover and title below:

Get the original trilogy by following the links below--while it's still available!

Infiltration: Book 1 of The Mirror Trilogy

5-Star average review on Goodreads!

After tracking the notorious Selena for over a year, Detective Mia Gonzalez has hit a brick wall in her investigation. She is a headstrong workaholic suffering from chronic insomnia, with a strict sense of right and wrong. Selena operates in the shadows, with Donovan at her right hand.

But when Mia discovers her striking resemblance to the criminal mastermind, she goes undercover in order to unravel their business from the inside. What she didn’t count on was falling for Donovan.

Spending so much time with the dark, mysterious- and dangerous- man, Mia finds an entirely different side to Donovan’s personality. Not only is he a cunning businessman, but he’s also a thoughtful and caring partner to Selena.

In order to survive, Mia must remember there’s only one way to survive being inside the viper’s nest; she must become a viper herself.

Infiltration is Book 1 of The Mirror Trilogy

Split: Book 2 of The Mirror Trilogy

5-Star average review on Goodreads!

Mia Gonzalez has been undercover as the infamous Selena for six weeks, during which time she’s discovered they couldn’t be more opposite; except, perhaps, when it comes to their taste in men.

Working closely with the tempting Donovan has given Mia insight into the deepest recesses of her mind. When it comes time to make a choice, will she be strong enough to resist his pull?

Selena is as mysterious as Donovan is enticing. She built her empire from the ground up, all while managing to stay out of the spotlight. Someone who works in the shadows always carries secrets, and Selena is no exception.

These two worlds are about to clash in the ultimate battle between good and evil. Only one will survive. Only one will rise victorious.  

Split is Book 2 of The Mirror Trilogy.

Wakening: Book 3 of The Mirror Trilogy

5-Star average reviews on Goodreads!

Grappling with a shocking discovery, Mia Gonzalez escapes Donovan’s luring presence only to realize she has nowhere to go. Afraid to leave, terrified to return, Mia huddles in a dark, cold, underground tunnel while attempting to mend the pieces of her psyche.

When she finally gathers the courage to face her demons, Mia is captured and held prisoner by the DeLuca family. With Donovan in their grasp, she’s faced with a difficult decision; but for her, there’s only one choice.

Rescue Donovan, take down the DeLuca’s, and find a way to get herself out of the mess she created.

Wakening is Book 3 of The Mirror Trilogy.


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