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Book of the Week and Character Spotlight: Parker Grey

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Abstraction is this week's book of the week, with a special spotlight on our morally flexible heroine, Parker Grey!

Parker's Bio:

Full Name: Parker Evelyn Grey

DOB: November 19; 17 years old

Occupation: High school student by day; thief by night

Hometown: Born in Boston, MA; raised in Cove Point, CA

Favorite Food: Yes

Favorite Drink: Hot chocolate

Sports and hobbies: Martial arts, helping those in need

Favorite Pastime: I plead the fifth

Words to live by:

"When in doubt, trust your gut."

What would Parker Do?

Meet the men of Parker Grey:

Who is your favorite? And if different, who do you think Parker should be with? Comment below!

And check out Abstraction here; the first Parker Grey Novel.

Always, Ana

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