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The Parker Grey Series

Parker Grey: high school student by day, thief by night.  When it comes to choosing love, she'd rather scale a building.

This is a young adult series suitable for ages 13+ (but also enjoyable for the young-at-heart)

Reviews for The Parker Grey Series

"I kept thinking; this girl has everything for her and then she's going to get arrested? Wow. It was a very thrilling book, and it was addictive :)"

-Goodreads Review of Abstraction

"Loved this first Parker Grey! It's a fun, easy read and I couldn't wait to start the next one. Parker is an intelligent, funny main character and I love how silly she is with Nikki. There are also some interesting romantic possibilities..."

-Goodreads Review of Abstraction

"This is my favorite book in the series! I liked it a lot and highly recommend it for other people!"

-Goodreads Review of Backfire

"She's out... but they pull her back in! Parker struggles to come to terms with the promise she made to stop doing illegal things. When she gets an offer she can't say no to, it makes her realize the truth; she is a thief. I really liked Ryder, I hope there's more of him! I also liked that we got to see how the Halfway House was doing, and we got to meet Parker's dad and brother. Feeling a little bad for Brandt, but I have to say- I like Elliot better!"

-Goodreads Review of Coercion

"Read this series back to back! Parker realizes she likes helping people using immoral means, but it's all about to come crashing down. We got to know Brandt a little better, but let's not forget about Elliot! Parker is not only smart, but really stubborn and independent. Though she makes a promise at the end, I have a feeling she'll be breaking it soon!"

-Goodreads Review of Backfire

"I read this whole series in two days! It's pretty cool. They are quick reads, but they still have a whole plot and everything. I can't wait for the next book to come out!!! PS: Where is Elliot??????? I don't like Brandt getting in there..... #teamelliotforever"

-Goodreads Review of Deception

abstraction cover.jpg
Abstraction: A Parker Grey Novel (Book 1)

4.20-Star average review on Goodreads!

"Last night I broke into a house, got caught, and devised a plan. Today, it was time to put the plan in motion."

Parker Grey seems like an average seventeen-year-old. Working part time, going to school and volunteering her time is all just part of another day.

But Parker has a secret.

When her grandfather is in danger of losing his house, Parker concocts a plan that will not only obliterate her grandfather's debts, but could also land her in jail.

As moral lines blur, Parker finds out just how far she will go for those she loves.

This is the first book in The Parker Grey Series

Backfire: A Parker Grey Novel
(Book 2)

5-Star average review on Goodreads!

Parker Grey is back.

When she first meets aspiring mayoral candidate Andres Cortez, all warning systems start buzzing and Parker will not rest until she uncovers the secrets he’s hiding. From a dark figure out of her recent past showing up at the worst possible time to getting wrapped up in yet another doomed love match, Parker pushes forward on her own personal rampage to rid the world of evildoers.

Meanwhile, one of Parker’s closest friend’s needs her help. 

Leif’s family receives news that creates a seemingly insurmountable rift between them. But when a little girl’s future is in the balance and they are facing certain defeat, they realize only one thing matters. Will Parker’s clandestine skills be enough to save Leif’s sister and reunite his estranged family?

This is the second book in the Parker Grey Series.

Coercion: A Parker Grey Novel
(Book 3)

5-Star average review on Goodreads!

My name is Parker Grey; and I'm an (ex) thief.

After Parker's nefarious activities lands someone she cares about in the hospital, she vows to lead a straight life. She'll soon learn, however, that the best intentions can so easily go astray.

Junior Grey is Parker’s older brother, who quickly finds himself in over his head. In order to free him, Parker is willing to make a deal with the devil; even if it means going back on her word.

This is the third book in the Parker Grey Series.

Deception: A Parker Grey Novel
(Book 4)

5-Star average review on Goodreads!

In the wake of the district attorney’s arrest, all of his cases have been reopened.  That includes Parker’s first takedown: the ex-bike gang leader, Justin.

Parker agrees to put Justin back where he belongs, but she can’t do it alone.

With the help of new friends, Parker puts together a plan and, in doing so, comes to learn something important about herself.

Not all facades are foolproof.

“There was an immutable truth staring me in the face, and I had to stop deceiving myself.  The truth was simple, and it was this:

My name is Parker Grey, and I’m a thief. “

This is the fourth book in the Parker Grey Series.

Dubious Endeavors kindle cover.jpg
Dubious Endeavors: A Parker Grey Novella
(Book 5)

5-Star average review on Goodreads!

Laying low after a major take-down, Parker flies to Boston to visit her brother. After a sailing trip goes completely awry, Parker finds out she can run from her duplicitous life- but she can't hide.

An innocent girl is taken and Parker's on the clock. With the help of some new friends, Parker won't stop until she uncovers the truth.

Even if that means putting herself in harm's way...

This is the fifth book in The Parker Grey Series.

exposed cover.jpg
Exposed: A Parker Grey Novel
(Book 6)

5-Star Average review on Goodreads!

Parker Grey is back; back at home, back at school, and back to her immoral ways.

With the trial of Andres Cortez underway, Parker and Brandt have to team up in order to fight an allegation of trespassing on private property. But when Andres threatens Parker, Elliot becomes incensed and irrational, doing the only thing in his power to confront his cousin- once and for all.

Meanwhile, Parker’s new team works out some kinks as they help a local business owner locate a priceless object that’s been stolen from their home, and the trail leads them to the last place any of them expect.

But all of this is just a distraction for Parker, as she struggles to come to grips with her love life. She has three men in her sights, each vying for her attention. Will she choose hunky Elliot, caring Brandt, or the enigmatic Logan?

Parker Grey: high school student by day, thief by night. When it comes to choosing love, she’d rather scale a building.

This is the sixth book in The Parker Grey Series.

firestarter cover.jpg
Firestarter: A Parker Grey Novel
(Book 7)

Parker Grey: high school student by day, thief by night. When it comes to choosing love, she’d rather scale a building.


When a seemingly innocent walk turns into a murder investigation, Parker and her team push the boundaries of the law, and their comfort zone, to hunt down a young woman's killer.


Though inconvenient, her parents' request that Parker have a constant babysitter may be more than simple paranoia.  Everywhere she goes, Parker has the uneasy feeling of being watched.  Is this the work of a sinister sociopath, or something far more dangerous?


Join Parker for her first-ever murder mystery, plus get special insight into the mind of Elliot in a special bonus chapter from the man himself.

This is the seventh book in The Parker Grey Series.

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