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New Release: Seeking Redemption

The tenth book of The Gifted Series is now available!

Full blurb:

Finally free from her dark past, Anya decides to open a store where she can sell things that bring people joy. There’s just one thing missing; her mate, watching from the shadows and refusing to be by her side.

Ashamed of his past, Gerhard knows Anya deserves better. He stays away in order to give her time to come to this realization on her own, but fate is a relentless force.

Patience is key for Anya as she waits for her mate to realize avoiding their connection is futile. A chance encounter with evil men finally forces Gerhard’s hand. Now, they must face their pasts together so that they can have a chance at a future.


After a century in captivity and darkness still invading her mind, body, and soul, Edith continues to resist the pull she feels toward Jace. But when she’s given a new lease on life, her excuses come to an end.

Jace is the epitome of kind, thoughtful, and understanding. He has waited a lifetime to meet his mate, and he is willing to wait another lifetime for her to be ready to accept their relationship.

Together, they dive into the unknown and only together will they come out the other side.

Get your copy by clicking here: Seeking Redemption

Find out more about the series here: The Gifted Series


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