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Book Update: After Midnight

Like in the first reunion book of The Gifted Series (number 7, Vows at Dusk), Clash at Midnight will also contain a bonus novella, titled After Midnight.

In case you missed it, click here for the pre-order link!

The cover for After Midnight won't be included in the book, but I imagine it would look something like this:

And here is the book description to whet your appetite:


Delfina Galanos has returned to her homeland of Atlantis to claim her rightful place as high king. But haunted by doubt and burdened by the weight of her new responsibilities, she flees into the night—only to find herself rescued by a mysterious farmer named Likos.

As Delfina and Likos grow closer in his cozy cottage, sharing stories by firelight and working side-by-side in the fields, an irresistible spark ignites between them. Yet Delfina hides a secret that could tear them apart forever: she is the daughter of the tyrant king who once destroyed Likos' dreams.

Duty soon calls Delfina back to her throne, where she must navigate cutthroat politics, simmering unrest, and the suspicions of the nine kings who rule beside her. Only by relying on her elemental magic—and following her heart—can Delfina forge a new future for Atlantis. But will her budding love for Likos survive when the truth comes to light?

An intoxicating blend of sizzling romance, courtly intrigue, and magic that will transport you to the lush and perilous isles of Atlantis, After Midnight is a spellbinding story of star-crossed soulmates fighting to reshape a broken kingdom.


Are you excited for Clash at Midnight and After Midnight? I sure am!

There are a ton of characters, so if you need some help, make sure to check out the Gifted Family Tree.

Need to catch up? Find the reading order for the Gifted Series here.



What are you in the mood for?

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