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Upcoming Release: Dubious Endeavors; A Parker Grey Novella

The release of Dubious Endeavors; A Parker Grey Novella is next week!

This book will be a little different than the first four Parker Grey’s, since she is flying to Boston to spend Labor Day weekend with her brother. She meets a group of new friends (and a new love interest?) but that doesn’t stop her from getting into trouble.

A girl gets kidnapped, and Parker’s on the clock…

This was originally supposed to be just a little teaser book, to hold Parker fans over until the release of Exposed: A Parker Grey Novel in December. But, as the characters came alive, I had a hard time saying goodbye! Though it’s still an easy, fun read, Dubious Endeavors is no shorter than the last few Parker Grey stories.

And if you love the new characters as much as I do, not to worry- they’ll be back.

Are you excited for this release?

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