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Parker Grey Cover Unveiling

New Cover Unveiled!

Exposed; A Parker Grey Novel will be released on December 18, 2018! Check out the cover below, and click to pre-order your kindle copy now!

Parker Grey is back; back at home, back at school, and back to her immoral ways.

With the trial of Andres Cortez underway, Parker and Brandt have to team up in order to fight an allegation of trespassing on private property. But when Andres threatens Parker, Elliot becomes incensed and irrational, doing the only thing in his power to confront his cousin- once and for all.

Meanwhile, Parker’s new team works out some kinks as they help a local business owner locate a priceless object that’s been stolen from their home, and the trail leads them to the last place any of them expect.

But all of this is just a distraction for Parker, as she struggles to come to grips with her love life. She has three men in her sights, each vying for her attention. Will she choose hunky Elliot, caring Brandt, or the enigmatic Logan?

Parker Grey: high school student by day, thief by night. When it comes to choosing love, she’d rather scale a building.

Who’s excited for Parker’s next adventure?

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