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New Release: By the Light of the Moon

It's here! Grab your copy of the ninth book of The Gifted Series by clicking below:

Check out the beautiful cover below:

They are creatures of the night, searching for their one true mate...

Broke and on the run, Abiah finds solace working as a housekeeper in a dark and mysterious castle. The only thing she knows about the reclusive owner apart from his gruff interview skills is that the people of the town call him El Diablo; the Devil.

Galvyn recognizes Abiah for what she is—a rumored Gifted, a human with latent abilities able to be converted to an Elemental. Even knowing she must have a mate, Galvyn finds it impossible to send her away.

When their pasts entwine, Abiah and Galvyn must face their history together…even if it means surrendering their future.


Find out more about the series here: The Gifted Series

What are you in the mood for?

Happy Reading!



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