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Cover Reveal: Beyond the Veil

It's that time again! Possibly my favorite part of releasing a new book: The Cover Reveal.

And because you're here and I'm in a sharing mood, I will leave an unofficial blurb for your viewing pleasure (after the pleasure of viewing the new cover, of course).

Here it is, the cover for book thirteen of The Gifted Series:

How much do you love it? And yes, there are two women on the cover because this book will be told from two different points of view.

Scratch that...THREE points of view. However, the main love stories will be for Hope (she's on the left) and Rika (on the right.)

This book has been so fun to write. Not only does it have so many colorful characters that you haven't met yet, but the entire thing takes place in another dimension. We get to see how life goes on even in the direst of circumstances, meet new creatures and animals, and maybe even see things from a bad guy's point of view.

All of this will lead up to the fourteenth book, which will be a reunion featuring ALL of the characters that you know and love. A battle is brewing, but don't worry, it won't be the end--it will be a whole lot of new beginnings.


Unofficial blurb:

Born in an unforgiving land, Hope has only ever been able to count on her parents and twin sister. A chance encounter with three fierce women shows Hope there is more to everyday life than fight or flight.

Jeremiah has taken it upon himself to protect those he considers family from the constant threat of Fomorians. When a rescue mission turns into a battle for his life, Jeremiah stumbles across the one thing he never expected: his mate.

The thought of returning home had become a distant fantasy, but when Jeremiah and Hope decide to live their lives surrounded by danger, the hunger to find a way home for them, their village, and any children they might have, becomes a living, breathing thing.

For more years than she can count, Rika has been held prisoner by the Fomorians. Cut off from all contact, Rika battles each day for her own sanity. This is the Fomorians tactic, bending their hostages until they become pliant--but Rika refuses to break.

Daku is dropped into a strange, harsh world with one goal: find the girl from his dreams and get out again. When Jeremiah takes him under his wing, Daku realizes his task may not just be difficult, it may be impossible.

Refusing to give up, Daku trains in fighting and survival and is relentless in his search for Rika. As years pass and the boy turns into a man, Daku remains as devoted to his mission as he is to his new family.

What that family doesn't realize is, Daku is the key to their greatest desire: going home again.


There you have it! Beyond the Veil will be available March 21, 2023. Check back soon for the official blurb, a quote or two, and maybe even a sneak peek!


What are you in the mood for?

Happy Reading!



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