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Book Spotlight: Immaculate

Though Immaculate is the second book of The Gifted Series, it might surprise you to learn that it was written before Allure of Home. Find out more in this month's book spotlight!

Quick blurb:

Meet Reya, a studious workaholic on her way to becoming a physician. Mere months after realizing her goal, her entire life is sidetracked when she finds out she's pregnant.

The only problem? Reya's a virgin.

Tristan has been searching for his mate, the other half of his soul, for over a century. When he finally meets her in a dream, he doesn't believe she's real. Only when he realizes he didn't create her out of sheer desperation does their adventure truly begin.

You too? Excellent. Get your copy here.

So not only was Immaculate written before Allure of Home, but there is a certain family that is introduced in Immaculate that you haven't seen the last of. I'm talking about the Desdemonas--Jinx and Desi, plus their parents Grant and Sophia. Want to know an even BIGGER secret? Jinx's story was the first one I wrote.

Wait, what? But she's only a child in Immaculate, and she hasn't been mentioned since! True, she has been MIA--but not forgotten.

I know, I'm shocked too. (Just kidding. Because I wrote it.)

Now, ten books in, I'm itching for Jinx's (and Desi's) story to be told. Unfortunately, a few things have to happen first...some of which will be revealed in the next book to release, Shelter of Smoke. (Coming October 19, cough cough...)

I'll even give you one more hint: pay special attention to the epilogue in Shelter of Smoke for clues on Jinx's future.

That's all I've got for you today. When you recover, check back next week for an author spotlight with the talented Ellison Clark.


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