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Vows at Dusk Now Available!

Welcome back to Sun Valley, where it all began...

Order your copy here!

They are creatures of the night, searching for their one true mate…

Jade has invited all Elementals to her small Wisconsin town. Gifted, Elementals, and daemons alike gather together to celebrate and strategize. Not only will she finally be marrying her one true love, but Jade knows the only way to survive the coming threat is to band together.

Love may rule the day, but terror conquers the night.

Balor rules the daemons with an iron fist. After suffering a major blow on the Mescalero reservation, the daemons have retreated to Murias, but their false sense of security won’t last long. The Elementals elect a leader and put together a group to find an entrance to the otherworld and infiltrate the daemon city.

Mates come together; families are reunited; secrets are revealed.

Vows at Dusk is book seven of the Gifted Series and includes a special bonus novella, After Dusk.

Happy Reading!



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