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The Gifted Series: Inspiration and In the Works

Allure of Home was started when I first moved to Wisconsin several years ago. Like Jade, I went from being a loner to suddenly surrounded by family at every turn- and though I didn’t find a man like Talon wandering shirtless through the trees, staring into the deep woods through my window certainly made me believe I could!

What most people don’t know, is that Allure of Home was not the intended first book of the Gifted Series. In fact, many years prior to discovering Jade and Talon, I wrote about Jinx- the little girl that is briefly introduced in Immaculate.

I realized Jinx’s story wasn’t quite ready to be told and decided to include her as a child in the second book of the series. Don’t worry, her story is waiting in the wings- as are so many of the other characters you’ve already met.

From Allure of Home, we’ll be seeing Lani (soon, in Reservation: Book 5 of The Gifted Series), Frances (he’ll be hanging out with Lani, but his story is yet to come…), and, of course, we met Kate briefly at the family picnic.

From Immaculate, we’ll get to know Jared, Jace, Aden, and, as I mentioned before, Jinx (along with her sister, Desi) much better. Remember Malakai Scott, the lawyer who helped Reya’s parents, and later officiated Reya and Tristan’s wedding? We got a little taste of his backstory, which I’m excited to dive into, and he’ll be back, along with his wife and children.

In Night Shift, we had a little reunion with Jade, Talon, and Pearl, plus we got to know Kate and Hugh, which flowed right into her book, Stowaway.

Stowaway exploded with new characters, all of which have their own story to tell. Namely, Lucius, Silas, Augustus, and Zane- but the rest of the saved shadowmen will be introduced soon! Not to mention the daemons- they can’t all possibly be evil, can they?

Which character(s) are you most excited to learn more about?

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