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Preorder Issues: Shelter of Smoke

There were some technical difficulties with the preorder, and while I’m in talks with Amazon to fix it, the problem will not be resolved before release day. This means that anyone who preordered should have gotten an e-mail that the order was canceled.

This is the new link to purchase Shelter of Smoke, and as a way to make up for the inconvenience, the e-book will be on sale for .99 on Tuesday, October 19!

The sale will only last one day, so make sure to click that link on release day. The paperback will also up and ready to order if you’d prefer a physical copy.

I wanted to thank you all for being the best supporters an author like me could ask for. Without you, I would just be a girl with a bunch of voices in her head ;)


What are you in the mood for?

Happy Reading!



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