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New Release: Shadowed Soul

Shadowed Soul: Book 6 of The Gifted Series is now available for kindle, kindle unlimited, or paperback!

They are creatures of the night, searching for their one true mate...

Arie has nothing more to live for. Her brother dead, her blood tainted, she wandered the earth for one reason, and one reason alone: to eradicate the evil force known as shadowmen.

Emerson has been hunting the evil one responsible for his parent’s deaths. When the trail leads him to a chance encounter with the other half of his soul, the last thing he expects is to be held hostage and accused of being the very creature he loathes.

His new mission is to convince his wary mate that they belong together, but he soon finds the only way to do that may be the old adage…

If you love them, set them free.

This is the sixth book of The Gifted Series.

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