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New Release: Reservation

Reservation: Book 5 of The Gifted Series is now available!

They are creatures of the night, searching for their one true mate…

For over a century Lani wandered the earth, fighting the vile creatures of her kind. With no memory of her family or her past, Lani’s life became an endless cycle of fighting to survive. A chance run-in with Jade and Talon- the first of her kind that didn't reek of depravity- gives her the first glimmer of hope in all her long years on the earth.

When she travels to the New Mexico desert in search of others like her, the last thing she expects to find is her mate. Though Lani fights against the primal connection, Samson is nothing if not persistent. Even when a great evil is unleashed and the entire reservation is under attack, Samson is determined to overcome Lani’s innate fear of relationships and remind her of the beauty in life.

Get your copy today by clicking on the photo below:

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