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New for 2019

Hello All, and Happy New Year!

I hope these first couple of weeks have you on track for any goals you’ve set. For me, the goal is simple: keep writing like crazy!

For this coming year, I wanted to announce what new books will be released. There will be three (and a half!) books for The Gifted Series. How do we get half a book? It will be a special bonus novella attached to the end of book 7, that’s how! Here’s when they’ll be available:

Reservation: Book 5 of The Gifted Series releasing March 19, 2019!

Catch up with Lani (whom we met in Allure of Home) as she searches for her missing family.

Shadowed Soul: Book 6 of The Gifted Series releasing July 23, 2019!

Meet Arie, a woman with one mission: to hunt the shadowmen who devastated her life.

Vows at Dusk: A Reunion: Book 7 of The Gifted Series releasing October 22, 2019!

I’m excited to announce the first reunion book for The Gifted Series! Catch up with all the mated pairs you’ve met so far, and meet some new ones as well. Join us back in Sun Valley, where it all began, as Jade and Talon have finally decided to tie the knot. And when it comes to planning a wedding, Jade’s family is just as intrusive and pushy as ever.

Special Bonus Novella- After Dusk: Book 7.5 of The Gifted Series (included with Vows at Dusk)

Valentina was born and raised on the Mescalero Reservation in New Mexico. First, Lani arrived and shared some astonishing news. Then, Valentina travels to Wisconsin for a wedding. Now, her life is about to be turned upside down…

There will also be two books in the Parker Grey Series! At the end of Exposed; A Parker Grey Novel you were left with a bit of a teaser. Find out what’s happening in:

Firestarter; A Parker Grey Novel (Book 7) releasing May 21, 2019!

This book will be set in the month of October, and what’s better for the month of Halloween but… a murder mystery?!

Grownup; A Parker Grey Novel (Book 8) releasing December 17, 2019!

Parker’s eighteenth birthday finally arrives, but who has time to celebrate when dealing with a staggering secret her team has recovered from a stolen safety deposit box?

Which book are you most excited for?

There are also some new things in the works, so stay tuned for another announcement soon!

Need to catch up? Click on one of the photos below to be brought to that series' page:

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