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Dark Omens: Book 8 of the Gifted Series

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Now available!

Below the teaser is the cover and link to get your copy today!

Drawn to the Cliffs of Moher, Nadia spends her sleepless nights endlessly walking the steep, rocky crags, knowing that when she closes her eyes she will see the winged shadows that haunt her dreams. For six months she’s been safe in Ireland, working at a cozy inn in a quaint village free from memories of her bleak past. Until a group from America arrives, and the dark shadows find Nadia once again. They search for the one who can walk between the worlds. Jared travels to Ireland with a group ready and willing to infiltrate Murias, the daemon city in the otherworld. When fate places him directly in his mate’s path, he finds that wooing a woman is more difficult than finding an entrance to a mythical land. Though willing to do anything to keep Nadia safe, even incurring her wrath, Jared must realize the only way forward, is together.

Click here to get your copy:

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