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Conclusion to The Mirror Trilogy

Who’s excited for the conclusion to The Mirror Trilogy?

In writing about Mia, Selena, and Donovan, I found I had to step way out of my proverbial comfort zone. Mia is a headstrong workaholic suffering from chronic insomnia, with a strict sense of right and wrong. Selena operates in the shadows, with Donovan at her right hand.

When Mia discovers her striking likeness to the infamous criminal, she goes undercover in order to unravel their business from the inside. What she didn’t count on was falling for Donovan.

Spending so much time with the dark, dangerous man, Mia finds an entirely different side to Donovan’s personality. Not only is he a cunning businessman, but he’s also a thoughtful and caring partner to Selena.

After giving in to the strange needs Donovan awakens, Mia’s life spirals out of control as she’s forced to face hard truths. Can Mia continue to give orders as the ruthless Selena when her dark past comes to light?

The second of the trilogy left us with a bit of a cliffhanger as a stunning truth was revealed. Mia will be grappling with that revelation in the beginning of the third book, but there’s still more surprises to come. We’ll learn more of Donovan’s history, including a shocking discovery you won’t see coming.

Wakening is Book 3 of The Mirror Trilogy

Click the picture to read the full description and pre-order your kindle copy today:

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