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Author Spotlight: Sophia Florenza

Welcome to Sophia Florenza, fellow author! Today we're talking about the second novel in Sophia's Divine-less Series, Descending. Meet Sera, who is in the process of rescuing Fallen Archangels through the seven circles of hell. Between discovering her own powers and getting to know her mates, Sera's adventures are one steamy ride!


This book has mature content * reader discretion advised!

Descending: Interview

Since Descending is the second book of the series, can you give us a quick (no spoilers!) recap of book one?

Lucifer lost a bet with The Creator and Sera Dante was basically “recruited” to Descend through the Circles of Hell to recover the seven Fallen Archangels and one Pure Soul. She was kidnapped on her 21st birthday by Virgil and has met the enigmatic G at Hell’s entrance. Sera also discovers that she is not human and her two guides begin to train her on using her newfound powers that will save her throughout her journey.

I love the idea of a modern twist on Dante’s Divine Comedy. What inspired you to use this?

I read a reverse harem twist on the Alice in Wonderland books and I absolutely loved the series! I figured, why not write something I am extremely familiar with? I love history and mythology and The Divine Comedy had it all!

If you had to describe your book in ten words or less, what would they be?

Incorporating a classic story into an erotic fantasy.

By the end of book two, we’ve met four archangels and, of course, Virgil. Which has been your favorite love interest (either the character himself, or his relationship to Sera) to explore?

G by far because he’s the bad boy that every girl wishes that she was the one to claim him. Most of the stereotypical “players” I have met in my single days were already broken hearted and too afraid to open up again, stringing you along on an emotional rollercoaster. I enjoyed writing the love-hate relationship because if Sera had a choice, she would drop G like a bad habit. But because they need each other, G is forced to actually be with her and get to know her, making him see the world in a different light.

What’s coming next for Sera and her mates?

More fighting, more sex, and definitely more Archangel drama. But they all need each other to survive Hell.

Ready for your own copy? Check the details below!

Author bio:

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sophia Florenza is an Army veteran who works for the government. She enjoys writing her books during her spare time and hopes to someday become a successful writer.

Book synopsis:

It has been a long cold, ride through Hell! My name is Sera Dante, and I have been chosen by the Creator to save seven Archangels and one Pure Soul from Lucifer. Because, you know? The end of the universe stuff is happening. Anyway, I've been able to save three Archangels so far, and I still have more Circles of Hell to travel before I get to the Center. And I've had more Archangel drama to contend with than I ever wanted to deal with in a lifetime! Who says having multiple mates was going to be a breeze?


Thanks again to Sophia for joining us for this week's author spotlight!

The next author spotlight will be on August 13, where we'll talk to BB Palomo about her debut novel.

What are you in the mood for?

Happy Reading!


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