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Book Spotlight: Night Shift

A dark and mysterious man, a writer on the brink of her next big novel--what more could you ask for? This month's book spotlight features the third book of The Gifted Series: Night Shift.

Quick Blurb:

Meet Reese, an author who decides to move to a small town in Minnesota to research her next novel. She dives into the world of the supernatural only to discover that not all myths are fiction.

Dominic is set on a path of revenge, and he doesn't have time for anything--or anyone--else. That includes the woman he knows immediately is his mate; a woman who carries plenty of secrets of her own.

When Reese is captured and Dominic is left to die, she must make the ultimate decision. Only she has the power to save Dominic--even if it means sacrificing her own life.

I will--in the book, available here.

Night Shift ties the first three books of The Gifted Series together in a solid way. Not only does Reese meet Jade, Talon, and Pearl from book one, but a chance encounter puts her in contact with Reya, Tristan, and the rest of the gang from book two.

This isn't the last you'll see of Reese and Dominic, either. They make an appearance in Stowaway (book four), along with Shadowed Soul (book six), Vows at Dusk (book seven, a reunion), By the Light of the Moon (book nine), Seeking Redemption (book ten--where Reese finally gets questions about her past answered!--), and a cameo in Shelter of Smoke (book eleven).

One of my favorite things about Reese and Dominic is that even though they've both lost their family, they manage to create their own. We start to really see that in book six, but book ten takes a deep dive into the interrelationships of the mishmash of people who have risen from the ashes of their pasts and created an unbreakable bond.

Catch up on The Gifted Series before February 22, when Tangled Threads (Book 12) is slated to release!


What are you in the mood for?

Happy Reading!



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