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Book of the Week and Character Spotlight: Jade Callaghan

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Allure of Home is this week's book of the week, with a special spotlight on Jade Callaghan! In today's post, get to know Jade a little better with her bio below:

Full Name: Jade Callaghan

DOB: Who cares? I'm immortal.

Occupation: Photographer

Hometown: Sun Valley, WI

Favorite Smell: Campfires and evergreens

Favorite Food: Anything deep fried

Favorite Football Team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite Pastime: Ogling Talon

Words to live by:

"Live fully, love fiercely."

Tuesday Quote of the Day:

"A strangled noise escaped my lips. It was supposed to be something witty and aloof, or at the

very least cohesive. I didn't even manage to move until he was already out the door.

'There won't be a next time,' I grumbled.

There. That should show him."

-Jade, Allure of Home

Wednesday Moment:

-Talon sings to Jade as he drives her home, Allure of Home

Thursday Quote of the Day:

"I liked him, I realized.

It scared me.

And excited me.

And aggravated me."

-Jade, Allure of Home

A little Friday romance:

Q&A Saturday:

Interviewer: Welcome to our guest, Jade Callaghan!

Jade: Thanks for having me!

I: I can't help but notice your gigantic ring. You were recently married, right?

J: That's right, in October. We had a huge celebration, thanks to my family.

I: You don't sound too excited about that.

J: No, I loved it--though had it been strictly up to me, I would have been in jeans at a Vegas chapel.

I: And I hear more congratulations are in order?

J: *Rubbing her stomach* We've got twins on the way!

I: How exciting! Both boys, right? Do you have an idea for their names yet?

J: Talon and I both feel a strong connection to the elements, so we've been toying with Ember and Terran--to represent fire and earth.

I: Those are beautiful, and so unique! Let's talk a bit about your work. You've gained huge success recently as a wildlife photographer.

J: Yes, I've been very lucky to be able to travel and capture the native wildlife. Talon has been very supportive in my career.

I: And a hunk besides.

J: *Laughs* I think so!

I: That was Jade Callaghan: wife, soon to be mother, and successful photographer.

J: Thanks again for having me. *touches interviewer's arm* Oh, you're very stressed. Let me help you with that.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Jade just a bit better this week! Check out Allure of Home below:

Always, Ana

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