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Reservation: Upcoming Release

Hi all! I hope those of you in America had a lovely Independence Day, filled with friends, family, and explosives!

Today I was going to talk about the next upcoming release, the conclusion to the Mirror Trilogy, Wakening. And while I’ll give you the full lowdown and backstory on Mia, Selena, and Donovan soon, my brain has been overtaken by a different project recently.

As most of you know, the next mated pair in the Gifted Series is Lani (whom we met in Allure of Home) and Samson, and I’m loving their story so far. Lani has traveled to the southwest, where she comes across a whole slew of Gifted- otherwise known as Samson’s family. It’s been fun for me to write about another big family, like Jade’s, except this time we see it from the outsider’s point of view.

I’ve done a ton of research into the history and traditions of the Apache people, a group I highly respect. And while I did my best to stay true to their stories and beliefs, I’ve also added my own personal, magical twist that I hope you all enjoy.

Reservation will be released in March, 2019 and will be the fifth book of the Gifted Series.

If you need to catch up on the Gifted Series, click on the picture to get your copy of Allure of Home: Book One.

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