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New Release: Shelter of Smoke

It's here! Book Eleven of The Gifted Series is now available on e-book and kindle. PLUS, for one day only, the e-book is only $.99!

Shelter of Smoke: the blurb.

For the last six months, Taya has been on the run—from an evil man, from her dark past, and from her own secrets. When her car breaks down outside the small town of Sun Valley, Taya must come to terms with all three before she can truly begin living.

Grey arrived in Sun Valley for a wedding, only to stay after discovering long-lost family. As the only mechanic in town, meeting Taya is inevitable—but earning her trust is another matter entirely.

Together, they must face one of the biggest threats the Elementals have ever encountered. For only when this evil is vanquished can Taya stop looking over her shoulder and start looking forward.

Get your very own copy by clicking here! And let's look at that cover one more time:

As always, thank you for reading and a review after would be greatly appreciated!


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